Is There A Truly Easy Way To Quit Smoking?

Can Stopping To Smoke Be Easy?


You're looking for an easy way to quit smoking right? This is probably the single biggest mistake most people can make when they decide to quit smoking. Starting to smoke wasn't easy was it? Not when you really think about the taste and the coughing fits when you first inhaled. It took time and effort to actually get used to smoking (which is crazy when you think about it). You now have to unlearn what you learned when you want to stop smoking. Quitting smoking is never easy and always takes a certain amount of effort on your part.

You can, however, make the process of quitting smoking easier. What most people find is that they're extremely restless and irritable when they quit smoking. If you sit around and dwell on this then quitting can be absolute torture. Get out and get some exercise. Get outdoors away from the habit of smoking. This has the double benefit of keeping you fit and helping to clean out your lungs from the years of mucus buildup from smoking.

If you can't get out to exercise then you can always take advantage of a nicotine replacement therapy to wean you off your addiction. You can get NRTs in the form of patches, lozenges, microtabs, inhalers, nasal sprays and prescribed medications like Zyban or Chantix. Always check with your doctor before beginning any form of medical treatment and this does include any nicotine replacement therapy.

Another important step is to remove all smoking related items from your home. Get rid of ashtrays, cigarette lighters and any old/spare packs of cigarettes you have laying around. Willpower is all well and good but it's just easier to not have any of these temptations or reminders in front of you. If you leave cigarettes in your home you will eventually smoke one. It's that simple.

Create A Battle Plan

Your efforts to quit smoking needs to be like a grand battle plan. Attack it from every angle. Make the decision to quit and stick to it. Get lots more exercise. If really necessary then invest in some form of NRT and of course remove all traces of cigarettes from your home. You need to quit the smoking lifestyle as much as you need to quit the physical act of smoking.

There is, coincidentally, a book called the Easy Way To Quit Smoking by Allen Carr. This comes highly recommended by and is a proven way of quitting smoking. It does provide a quick and relatively easy way for you to quit smoking. That being said, don't expect your efforts to quit to come without a fight. Everything in life that is truly worth having takes some effort. This is especially true of becoming free of your nicotine and smoking addiction.