Free Aids To Help You Stop Smoking

Hotline Help

Quitting smoking is an important decision. Once you've made the decision to quit you'll then need to take action based on that decision. Some people panic and think that quitting smoking will actually be more costly financially than the habit itself. This simply isn't so. You can pay large fees to special "clinics" to help you quit smoking but most modern governments are making more and more resources and aids available for free to those wanting to stop smoking. Why? The cost of smoking related deaths costs hundreds of billions each year - for this reason it's in the best interest of every country in the world to eliminate tobacco and nicotine consumption as quickly and as effectively as possible.

To that end, many countries now have state or national Quit Smoking Helplines. When you call these hotlines you can speak to a trained counselor who can guide you towards the path that will best assist you to quit smoking. Most smokers are not aware of the myriad of options available to them to kick the habit.  There are many nicotine replacement therapies available - everything from Zyban and Chantix to forms of laser therapy.

Support Groups

If a hotline doesn't suit you and you still need some form of free help then you could always look for a support group locally for people who are trying to quit smoking. An example of this would be Smokers Anonymous where people who have managed to give up smoking can give advice and guidance to those who are still trying. These insights can be far more valuable than many people realize. If you want to learn how to do something, find somebody who has already done it and and then copy their actions. By mirroring their methods and examples you should be able to achieve the same, if not a higher, level of success.

Exercise And Quitting

One of the single best and 100% free aids to quitting smoking is exercise. It keeps the body and mind occupied and also helps your body to detox properly through sweat and the intake of water and juices. Exercise also brings about the release of something called endorphins (feel good chemicals) in the body which counteracts the effect of the body's craving for nicotine. Always seek a doctors advice before starting any exercise program and whatever type of exercise you do decide to take you must start slowly and increase slowly - don't overdo it.

Family And Friend Support

Don't forget to look to your family or friends for help - especially if one of them has managed to quit smoking for any amount of time. Their advice and help will come from the heart and is often more valuable than any other form of support you may get.

Self Strength

Lastly, the most valuable weapon you have against smoking is the one which will cost you least - your own mind. Remind yourself each day why you want to quit smoking. Write it down and carry it around with you in your wallet or purse. Read it 2 or 3 times per day to remind yourself why you must, must quit smoking. Once you've placed that idea into your mind often enough you'll find quitting doesn't need to be quite as hard as people might otherwise say it is.

So quitting smoking doesn't need to be expensive - there are plenty of free aids available to you to help you in your efforts. You'll get there - just keep working at it!