Getting Fit Can And Will Help You Quit Smoking

How To Stop Smoking?

The decision to quit smoking has many potential paths. You can use drugs like Zyban or you could choose to use nicotine substitutes like gum or the nicotine patches. You also also decide to quit cold turkey and endure the withdrawal symptoms as they occur. Yet others may choose to simply cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke and then stop altogether.

Why not treat the challenge of quitting as a way to bring about a new and healthier you? The final result will be that you no longer need to smoke and have adopted a much healthier lifestyle too! Making changes to your lifestyle and eating habits is a big challenge and requires dedication.  You will find, however, that eating healthier and living healthier also makes it easier to quit smoking.

If you're truly serious about quitting smoking and changing your lifestyle then it might not be a bad idea to take some time off work to focus on achieving this major goal. Work is often associated with stress and therefore associated with smoking.  Time away from the causes of your stress can help you stop the habit.

Exercise Helps To Quit Smoking?

One of the smartest ways to naturally quit smoking is having a regular exercise routine. This doesn't mean that you have to run a marathon in 6 weeks. It's much safer and more productive to increase your fitness level one step at a time. If it's been a while since you got regular exercise then start slowly. Start by going for a short walk in the evening after work or maybe even walking to work in the morning? Exercise before a days work will keep you energized all day. As your fitness level increases you'll be able to set yourself much higher goals like running or long distance cycling.

Regular exercise will help clear your lungs of the tar built up during your time as a smoker. Also as you begin to enjoy your new level of fitness, exercise will put you off smoking. You won't want to go back to huffing and puffing your way around a gym or track no matter how much you might miss cigarettes.

If during your quitting phase you feel drained then stop and rest. One of the withdrawal symptoms of quitting is tiredness so if you do feel tired than just take a nap to recover. Even a 30 minute powernap can do the trick and leave you feeling energized.

It's also important to include relaxation techniques as part of your natural way to quit smoking. Deep breathing relaxation techniques will help you counter the irritability that many quitters experience when they first stop smoking. This deep breathing can also help with any headaches you experience and also with insomnia.