A Healthy Food FAQ For Quitters

Diet and Quitting Smoking?

A healthy diet helps you live longer. It will also help your body repair the damage caused to it by your nicotine addiction. It's essential to feed your body with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Equally important is to cut out foods which are bad for you. Remove or reduce red meat, fast food, desserts, snacks and any other foods high in saturated fat from your daily diet.

What Can You Do To Be Healthy?

Replace the red meats with chicken, turkey and tuna. Treat yourself to red meat once in a while but you have to reduce its use in your staple diet. Instead of deep fried french fries try oven baked fries instead. Better again replace the fries with something like couscous (extremely tasty) or even just some boiled green breans or stir fried peppers?

Drink lots and lots of water. At least 2 litres per day. Why? Because you need your body to wash all the toxins out of your blood and water is the most effective way to do this. My favourite way to start a day is a glass of very warm water with a good dash of pure lemon juice in it. This will help your body detox and purify itself even faster than normal.

Another good reason for drinking a lot of water is that as your body withdraws from the nicotine dependency it will start to expel all the junk in your lungs. You can expect to cough up quite a bit of mucus so it's important to stay hydrated to facilitate this process.

Reduce your caffeine intake as much as possible or change over to decaf or soycaf products instead. They give you the same taste without the additional caffeine. Nicotine withdrawal can cause insomnia and you do not want to add to that problem by stimulating yourself with too much caffeine late in the evening or at night. Just do your best to avoid caffeine after 7pm at the latest.

A healthy diet will help you lose any excess weight you're carrying around, rid your body of excess toxins, give you more energy and allow you to live a healthier life. What have you got to lose?