An Overview Hookah Smoking  

Hookah smoking has risen in popularity in recent years, but these smoking devices have been used for centuries. Hookah smoking establishments have been cropping all over the United States, as the practices becomes increasingly trendy. Hookah's are usually glass pipes that use water and heat when smoking. Hookah's can be used for smoking herbs, smoking weed and other substances, but they are primarily used for smoking tobacco. Contrary to popular belief smoking tobacco through a hookah is just as dangerous, if not more then smoking cigarettes.

Is hookah smoking bad for you?

Although many people believe that hookah smoking is safer then smoking cigarettes, that simply isn't true. The tobacco effects are no less toxic when smoking a hookah then when smoking cigarettes. In fact, smoking a hookah may cause you to inhale more smoke then you would when smoking a cigarette. One of the greatest myths related to this practice is that the water in the device filters out dangerous chemicals, this is false. The carcinogens are still present, even after passing through the water in the hookah.  In fact according to statistics one hour of hookah smoking exposes you to almost 200 times the amount of smoke you inhale from one cigarette. Hookah smokers have actually been found to inhale more nicotine because of the volume of smoke created. As with any form of tobacco use, hookah smoking has been linked with a variety of different cancers. Additionally, excessive use of these devices can lead to gum disease.

Nicotine Facts

Nicotine is found in the tobacco plant and can make up almost three percent of the plant. Nicotine acts as a stimulant and is generally an addictive substance. Nicotine is a drug and nicotine withdrawal can make giving up smoking very difficult. Whether you smoke a hookah, cigarette, cigars or a pipe breaking a nicotine addiction is tough. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms run a wide range from physical to mental.  People who quit smoking can be irritable, impatient, hostile, anxious, restless, depressed and unfocused. They may also experience weight gain, headache and a decreased heart rate.

There are many methods available to help break an individual of a nicotine addiction. Many smokers try to quit smoking cold turkey and this typically doesn't work. Most people do need help quitting smoking. With hookah smoking changing your lifestyle and the places you go may help. Hypnosis may also help many people who have an emotional connection to smoking. There are also many products that can help step down your  bodies level of nicotine, thus reducing the nicotine cravings you experience. The nicotine patch and nicotine gum are probably the most popular smoking cessation products.

Often people who quit smoking need help to get through the process. Many people turn to quitting smoking message boards for tips to quit smoking. There are also many quit smoking support groups that can help provide support to people having difficulty quitting.