Zyban Curbs Smoking

If you are not already convinced by the benefit gained from quitting smoking, this next fact may change your mind: Smoking a single, solitary cigarette will steal away approximately eight minutes of your life. If you are a pack-a-day smoker this cigarette can add up to 160 minutes of your life lost every single day. Luckily, there is a growing awareness in the world and people are beginning to realize the negative effects of smoking.  More than 400,000 Americans die every single year because of smoking related illnesses.

Trying to Quit

While pure and simple abstinence is one of the most popular methods that people use in order to quit smoking, not all can achieve success when it comes to quitting smoking cold turkey. If you are trying to figure out how to quit smoking, you may want to consider other methods that will allow you to quit smoking, such as taking anti-smoking pills. One anti-smoking pill that is available is called Zyban, which appears to have comparatively better results than other quit smoking pills when it comes to helping people break the habit.

The effectiveness of Zyban is what makes it different and better than other quit smoking aids. Using Zyban as a stop smoking aid may be a great way for you to quit smoking. Zyban uses Bupropion, which works something like an anti depressant. It is a relatively weak inhibitor of the intake of dopamine, noreoinephrine and serotonin. What makes Zyban effective when you want to quit smoking is that it boosts the level of chemical messengers in your brain, reducing the amount of nicotine withdrawal symptoms that you experience and this significantly weakens your urge to smoke.

Using Zyban as Treatment

The use of Zayban as a quit smoking aid usually begins while the patient is still smoking. Within two weeks from the initial date of administration a patient should begin to experience withdrawal symptoms from smoking, and these symptoms could continue for between 7 and 12 weeks depending on the effect of this particular quit smoking aid.

Zyban treatments come in the form of a tablet that should be swallowed whole rather than crushed or chewed. You should never take more or less than the prescribed dose if you want to quit smoking the right way. You should also never double your dose no matter how badly you want to quit smoking, because Zyban in the wrong treatment level can lead to a risk of seizures. If you are using any nicotine products in conjunction with Zyban, you should not smoke as you can risk worsening your condition.

Side-effects of Nicotine on Your Body

Too much nicotine in your body can have a number of serious side effects on your health. For example, you may experience abnormal dreams, abdominal pain, constipation, anxiety, disturbed concentration, diarrhea, joint pain, dizziness, increased cough, nasal inflammation, itching, nervousness, nausea, rash and sore throat, but all of these symptoms should eventually go away after the use of the Zyban quit smoking aid.