The Natural Way To Quit

Choosing The Method For Quitting

When the day comes that you decide to quit smoking for good you'll have one problem that you probably never expected - choosing which method you'll use to actually stop smoking. You could choose any of a number of options. You could use hypnosis, laser therapy, books, videos, patches, microtabs, inhalers, nasal sprays, acupressure, acupuncture and so on.

Some people don't like the idea of using "extra" treatments to help them quit and they decide to do it the old fashioned way which is to just quit cold turkey. Now this is a drastic decision to say the least and not something that everyone is capable of doing. It can take an incredible amount of willpower and determination to quit smoking in this way.

Preparing to Quit Naturally

Even though you may decide to take this route (which is admirable to say the least) you'll still need to make preparations. When some people quit without the aid of nicotine replacement therapies, they can experience extreme withdrawal symptoms. Once upon a time when I first tried to quit smoking this was my biggest problem - I could actually become physically agressive due to the tension of trying to quit smoking.

There is hope however. Simply read The Easy Way To Quit Smoking by Allen Carr. This book will help you realize how much psychology (internal and external) is involved in quitting smoking and just how much control you have over the entire process and especially over the withdrawal symptoms.

Going Cold Turkey

If you decide to quit cold turkey then make sure you stay occupied. If you're a fan of computer games then buy 2 or 3 new games that you'll enjoy playing and throw yourself into them. Alternatively, if computers aren't really your thing then make sure you get out of the house walking, jogging, running or cycling. If you have access to a gym then make sure you go there. You'll have tons of surplus nervous energy to burn off while you're going through withdrawal and exercise will allow you to channel this energy into something productive that will help you in the long run.

One final note on deciding to quit naturally. If you find yourself struggling or feeling truly ill because of your efforts then stop and seek proper medical advice. Not everybody can quit this way because of the way the body metabolizes nicotine. To put it simply, not every nicotine addict is created equal - some will struggle more than others to kick the habit.