Quit With Acupuncture

Did you know that many people find that acupuncture can help them quit smoking? Smokers who have ear acupuncture, otherwise known as auriculotherapy, can use ear 'seeds' or small ear clips to help stimulate their own ear points after their therapy session to help stave off nicotine cravings. Many smokers who really want to quit but find it difficult, are able to give up with only one or two auriculotherapy sessions. Auriculotherapy is approved by the FDA and is often used by doctors and other medical professionals to enable people to become non-smokers.

The Treatment

There are various ways of doing auriculotherapy, for example some therapists use cold laser to stimulate the points, whereas others use the very thin traditional acupuncture needles. Still others use low voltage TENS machines to activate the points that will help you to give up smoking. The therapist will take your pulses, and details of your medical history and your smoking history. Then they will gently stimulate certain acupuncture points in the ear, to help you to release your nicotine addiction. A typical treatment session usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the therapist's method of treatment. This length of the session gives enough time for your body's endorphins to work to help detox you from the nicotine. The ear seeds or clips enable you to stimulate a specific point every time you have a craving for nicotine. Because this works on the body systems, it enables you to have the support you need to give up. Your therapist may also offer other support services or treatment like Chinese herbs to help you to quit. Before booking your appointment ask your therapist how many treatments you will probably need before you are a non-smoker. You may be surprised at how few it will be!

Where To Find Therapists

Some doctors' surgeries, for example the St. John's Mercy Health Care group, run special 'quit clinics' which offer auriculotherapy to help you to give up. Alternative health care centers, which offer auriculotherapy, acupuncture clinics, and private auriculotherapists, all offer help to quit smoking. Auriculotherapy can also be helpful for other substance abuse problems as well. So check out your local complementary health center for details. If you are a service veteran even the VA maybe able to help you to quit.

Clinical Trials

The American Department of Veteran Affairs (the VA) is participating in double-blind clinical trials to discover exactly how effective auriculotherapy is. The trial will use a low voltage TENS machine to stimulate the acupuncture ear points. Veterans taking part in the trials will need to be over the age of 19, smoke at least 10 cigarettes at the start of the trial and to meet certain other criteria. Each trial will last for 6 weeks. Why not check out to see if you are eligible to participate in one of these trials at your local VA center.