Stop Smoking Aids

There are various smoking aids that can help you stop your nicotine habit. No matter how long you have been smoking, there is always the option of quitting; hopefully you decide to quit before side effects of cigarettes kick in, i.e. bronchitis, asthma, stroke, lung cancer or heart disease. It is very necessary that smokers today stop their habit. More and more chemicals are being placed into the tobacco, making it more addictive as well as more harmful for the active smoker and non-smokers around. Second hand smoke can be just as harmful and can even be deadly.

Set a Date

When you finally decide that you would like to stop smoking cigarettes, you will need to set a quitting date. Then you should alert your friends and family to let them know that you are trying to stop smoking, so if anyone you know smokes, they should not do it around you. And if someone sees you smoking, set up a system for them to stop you. For the days leading up to the quitting date, you should begin getting ready to get tobacco out of your life. Most people set the quitting date five to seven days away. This will help them get prepared; it is almost impossible to just suddenly stop the next day. During these days, you should be getting rid of all the cigarettes you own (hopefully they are thrown away and not smoked). If you are having a hard time with not smoking, try slowing down how many you smoke. You should also speak with a doctor about your health and quitting smoking. 

Preparing to Quit

Preparation is needed for the obstacles you may face during your period of non-smoking. How will you handle the cravings and other symptoms of withdrawal? When you are going through withdrawal, you will survive symptoms such as irritability, nervousness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, increased hunger, headaches, restlessness, frustration, anger and cigarette cravings. You will need backup strategies for these symptoms, so that you don't witness a relapse. For the cravings you will have (after a couple of weeks, the symptoms will go away; except for the cravings and increased appetite) you can use special aids that will help you stop your addiction.

Some aids to name are nicotine patches, nicotine gum and special therapy. When deciding to quit smoking yourself, you will likely use the nicotine patch or gum. These help sustain your cravings for nicotine (at safer levels). The nicotine patch helps you to gradually stop your cravings. The first stages of the patch deliver higher quantities of nicotine, and then little by little you will continue on to the next stages where less nicotine is delivered; soon after you will be healed of your nicotine habit.

Addiction to nicotine isn't only physical, it is also psychological. It is up to you to think positive and keep tobacco out of your thoughts. This is where therapy comes in. Sessions with a specialist can help you stay strong mentally. Once that is healed, you are free from your nicotine habit.