Stop-Smoking Hypnotherapy

Quitting Smoking Unsuccessfully

Have you tried to quit smoking unsuccessfully? Have you tried to no avail to replace cigarettes with nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) such as the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, microtabs, nicotine nasal sprays, or nicotine inhalers? Have you gone to the extreme of laser treatment to get rid of your smoking habit or tried a textbook-full of ideas, tips, tricks, herbal remedies, pills, quit-smoking aids, and a host of other stop-smoking techniques, therapies, gadgets and gizmos - all without the desired results?

Why Most Quit-Smoking Techniques Don't Work

One of the main reasons all of these quit-smoking tools don't ultimately succeed is that while they address the physical addiction of smoking, providing smokers with relief from the difficult physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine, they fail to address the psychological aspects of smoking. In fact, according to some experts, 90% of the addition to smoking is the psychological addiction - that is, the emotional and mental aspects of smoking. The other 10%, comprised of the physical addiction to nicotine, is a shorter, more temporary phase of treatment in the monumental task of quitting smoking.

The Psychological Compulsion to Smoke

After years of smoking cigarettes, smokers develop not only the habit of smoking but an intense desire to smoke at specific times during the day or night and a craving for a cigarette associated with certain activities such as going to sleep, drinking a cup of coffee, winding down after a day at work, et cetera. Smoking thus becomes a ritual and an addicting form of comfort and stress relief. This phenomenon is otherwise known as a conditioned response, and unless smokers are helped to combat their conditioned response to smoking in relation to their lifestyle and to learn other ways to relieve custom, stress, and anxiety, their valiant efforts to quit smoking are unlikely to succeed.

Stop-Smoking Hypnotherapy

What, then, is the solution? One time-proven method of quitting cigarettes involves the use of hypnotherapy, a form of self-hypnosis which when combined with strategies such as NRT boasts high rates of success in combating the craving to smoke over the long term. By eliminating the conscious and unconscious associations that cause smokers to crave a cigarette at specific times and in specific places/situations, stop-smoking hypnotherapy eliminates the conditioned response/compulsion to smoke. Moreover, self-hypnosis is a powerful relaxation tool, helping to reduce the stress and anxiety inherently entailed in the process of quitting cigarettes and smoking.

Hypnotherapy Benefits

If you are a smoker who gets stuck impulsively lighting up and can't seem to kick your psychological addiction to cigarettes, consider the following benefits that self-hypnosis or stop-smoking hypnotherapy has to offer you:

•- Helps you focus your mind on your motivations to quit smoking

•- Helps break the habit and extinguish the compulsion/craving to smoke

•- Hypnosis is a natural method of quitting smoking

•- Can be learned from special self-hypnosis programs, including Neuro-Vision Stop Smoking Video Hypnotherapy

•- Promotes relaxation and stress relief

•- Positive results strengthen your motivation to quit

•- When used in combination with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and/or NRT techniques, boasts high rates of success in enabling even heavy cigarette users to stop smoking

Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

When you eliminate tobacco from your system, the results are rapidly evident. Within days of stopping to smoke, the negative effects nicotine has had on your body begin to heal, as damaged nerves start to grow, your lungs function better, your circulation improves, and your taste buds and sense of smell significantly improve. Your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and death immediately decrease, and within a matter of years you can reach levels of risk for these complications faced by non-smokers.

If you have been looking for a comprehensive means of quitting smoking and a way to master your cravings and compulsions for cigarettes, stop-smoking hypnotherapy may be the ultimate solution, enabling you to finally reach the finish line in your goal to rid your body of nicotine and lead a longer, healthier life.