Success Strategies For Quitters

Congratulations!  You've Decided to Quit

Quitting smoking is not always easy. In fact, it may be one of the most difficult things a person ever does in life. Every day requires a conscious decision not to smoke and every day carries with it the potential for victory over smoking. It all adds up, and over time the huge success of quitting is a reality.

Between the day of the decision to quit and the final reality, there will be many opportunities to slip or relapse. Along with those opportunities are also opportunities to conquer the rough spots and maintain success. Below are some success strategies to get through some of the tough spots encountered when a person decides to quit smoking.

Enjoy A Visit To The Museum Or Theater

Initially the craving for a cigarette can be overwhelming. During times like these, spend as much time as possible in areas where smoking is prohibited. Public places like the library, malls, museums and theaters are good ideas as are restaurants where smoking is not allowed. There may be certain beverages that you link with smoking such as coffee or liquor. If that's the case, then try drinking something else instead. This just might be the time to practice drinking more water, or to try out some herbal teas. Change can be fun and interesting.

If you are missing the feeling of holding a cigarette, try a pen or pencil. Sometimes rolling a marble or some coins in your hand can satisfy the need. Instead of sticking a cigarette in your mouth, opt for a straw, celery or even a lollipop. Chewing gum, sucking on a candy or crunching some healthy veggies are also good options.

Take Yourself Out Of Temptation's Path

Do your best to avoid situations in which you would normally be smoking. Avoid the temptation. You can, instead, create a non-smoking environment around yourself by finding some new habits. Perhaps you could take up a sport or join a fitness program. Prepare yourself ahead of time for a future situation in which you may be tempted to smoke. Rehearse the reasons you quit in the first place and remind yourself of them. If you have a friend or family member who is supporting you in your efforts, give them a call and allow them to encourage you during this period. The urge to smoke lessens over time-you can be successful.

Some Healthy Ideas To Help You Along The Way

Some healthy ideas which will not only take your mind off the cigarettes, but will enhance your wellbeing, include taking deep breaths and filling your lungs with clean air. Enjoy the sensation as you picture your lungs filling with clean, fresh air and all of the smoke leaving your lungs. Exercise in brief segments of time, reinforcing the fact that as you continue with your smoking cessation, your ability to exercise for longer periods will increase. Fill your mind with positive, healthy thoughts and reaffirm your commitment to quitting.

Brush your teeth and enjoy the fresh taste that is left behind. Keep your blood sugar levels up by eating several small meals a day rather than one or two large ones. When your blood sugar is balanced, the cravings subside. Too much sugar or spice triggers the desire for a cigarette, so mind the sweets.

Most importantly, don't forget to reward yourself for your success in doing your best every day.