All About Zyban



                                                             Difficulties Of Quitting

Stopping smoking is only the first phase in the process of quitting smoking. Once you've successfully defeated the cravings for cigarettes you'll feel a sense of well earned victory. Enjoy this but be aware that now that you've quit you have to stay quit. This is the hardest part for many people. They're satisfied that they no longer want to smoke but are deeply worried about being in situations that may cause them to smoke again. They worry whether or not they'll be up to the challenge.

Smoking is a very social thing and most quitters are concerned about being back in those situations again where they smoked regularly. This might be work related smoking or smoking whilst in a pub or bar.

Comparing Zyban

So how does Zyban compare to nicotine patches?

To be fair they're completely different methods of treatment. Zyban removes your desire to smoke and allows you to quit while only suffering minor withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine patches, on the other hand, release small doses of nicotine into your body during the day. These small releases mean that you don't have the desire to reach for a cigarette as the patch is giving you your "dose" of nicotine at that point in the day.

How Patches Work

Patches can help eliminate the cravings associated with smoking, but they have to be used with care. They can be worn throughout the day, but should be removed at night before you go asleep. Otherwise, they can cause sleep disorders or strange dreams due to the nicotine providing the brain with stimulus when it is not expecting it. Also the skin where the nicotine patch is applied may become red and/or itchy. These symptoms usually disappear within an hour after the patch is removed.

Nicotine patches are available in different strengths and can be used to gradually reduce your dependency on them. The idea here is that you wean yourself onto the weakest patch and then stop using the patches altogether. This gradual process of quitting suits many people more than just quitting cold turkey as they feel more in control of their own addiction.

Regardless of what treatment you choose make be sure that it's used in conjunction with some other form of therapy or counselling. A truly holistic approach is required if you want to quit smoking for good.