Stop Smoking Programs

We all know the benefits of quitting smoking... the hard part is how to stop smoking. Have a look at the best smoking cessation programs around. Each of these ways to quit smoking has its advantages. Choose the best one so you too can be a quitter.

Effects of Smoking

Lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema... the effects of smoking are deadly both for you and those around you. Did you know that second hand smoke can linger in the air for hours and causes over 3,000 lung cancer deaths in non smokers each year?

Did you know...

  • For every cigarette you smoke, you lose eleven precious minutes of your life. Smokers usually die 10 to 12 years younger than non-smokers.
  • Smoking causes some 50 diseases, 20 of which are fatal
  • When you smoke, you have a two to three times higher risk of having a heart attack
  • Cigarettes are a cocktail of chemicals. Over 4,000 chemicals are found in cigarette smoke and 40 of these cause cancer.

Remember, the more you smoke, the more addicted you become... and then it's even harder to stop smokng. Seven out of ten smokers admit they want to quit smoking. Just do it and quit smoking now!