Quitting Smoking

What To Expect When Quitting?

Now that you are quitting smoking, what can you expect and how will you feel? There are many withdrawal symptoms that you will experience. Often, these can send you in a mad search for just one more cigarette...and then another...and another. Read about a smoker's relapse and how to deal with it and then get back on the program. Remember that most smokers do relapse at some point. You are not alone and you must learn how to forgive yourself.

How Much Can You Save By Quitting?

Now how about the cost of smoking? We all know that we pay for smoking by compromising our health, but what about the dollars involved? Our handy calcuation page will show you just how much you have spent on cigarettes - and how much you can save by stopping smoking now! If you could put that cigarette money away and save it all up, imagine what you could buy and how happy you could be with this special new purchase?

Other Types of Smoking

Replacing one bad habit with another is not the answer.  Learn more about how hookah smoking and smoking weed are just as bad as cigarette smoking for one's lungs.  Tobacco pipes are also a no, no.  Also learn more about the dangers of teenage smoking and get some statistics about smoking in general.