The Overall Cost Of Smoking

The world has gradually accepted that smoking is bad for you. There's been a shift in the attitude towards smokers and smoking in general. People are realizing the health benefits to quitting smoking and living healthier lifestyles.

There are, however, some diehard smokers who value their habit above their own lives. They're quite willing to go on smoking day after day and year after year. The addiction beats their logic every single time. All smokers know that smoking is killing them slowly but continue to smoke - hoping they won't get sick. Hoping cancer will bypass them.

Smoking Costs A Fortune!

Have you ever stopped to consider the financial costs of smoking? Personally I have always hated math but it does have it's uses from time to time.

Let's lay out an example here. For the purpose of this example we'll say a pack of cigarettes costs on average $5 for 20 smokes. We'll also assume that this person smokes a pack per day and smokes every day of the week and has done so for the last 10 years.

So that's $5 x 7 = $35 per week.

$35 x 4 weeks  = $140 per month

$140 x 12 = $1,680 per year

$1,680 x 10 = $16,800 over 10 years (imagine if this was 20, 30 or 40 years!)

Almost $17,000 spent on a habit that drastically shortens your life expectancy, makes your breath smell, reduces your fitness level to zero and stains your hands and teeth.

Thousands of Dollars Can Be Saved For Other Things!

What could you buy with $17,000 today? A luxury holiday? Pay college fees for your kids? Buy a new car? Visualize each of those items clearly. Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to just walk into a showroom and buy a brand new car. Picture yourself walking into that luxury hotel room in Paris. Imagine the pride you'd feel watching your son or daughter graduate from University.

Now open your eyes. That is what you can still have if you quit smoking today. Make a choice for a better future for you and your family.