Cost of Smoking


With any addiction or obsession, getting what you need can become costly. With cigarette smoking, it can begin to add up very quickly, especially with high taxes being implemented and prices being hiked, which seems to occur very frequently. Some studies show that the cost of smoking can add up to about fifteen hundred dollars per year. But this is only a small portion of the actual monetary cost of smoking.  There are some other costs of smoking to consider that many people don't consider. When people talk about their smoking habit, these are never mentioned because they are failed to be examined by them. Some of the costs of the smoking habit arise because of higher payments associated with the risks of smoking and other costs develop from a decrease in asset value because of smoking.

The #1 Cost

The number one cost of cigarette smoking is your health of course. By continuing to smoke, you can end up paying close to ten thousand dollars a year. For one, your life insurance premiums will surely increase due to your health risks. You are capable of developing cancer, heart disease and dying at a younger age than non-smokers. Health insurance rates will also increase because of the risk of medical problems associated with smoking. Many illnesses can be obtained from smoking, such as lung cancer, heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure and many other conditions.

Health care costs will rise because you are likely to have more medical problems. This results to more hospital visits and out of pocket costs. Medications are also a costly part of smoking. Smokers tend to develop medical problems that require prescription medications. Home owner's insurance is much higher because smokers are at greater risk of burning down the house than a non-smoker. This risk is reflected in numerous home owner insurance premium payments. Your home's value is also lowered due to bad smells caused by smoking. Potential buyers would never want to endure living in a home that has a smoky aroma, especially if they are non-smokers.

Devaluing Your Possessions and your Life

The value of your possessions also decreases because the smoke leaves a bad smell on many types of items. Your car insurance premiums will be higher because smokers are much more at risk of getting in an accident than a non-smoker; and this is reflected in the monthly premium costs. Car resale value is depleted due to bad smoking smells caught within the fabric of the vehicle. Finding a potential buyer or trade-ins for another car will be nearly impossible. Studies show that smokers earn between 4 percent and 11 percent less money than non-smoking counterparts. Being that smokers earn less than non-smokers, less social security and pension benefits will be given.

Cleaning costs of your home, car and clothes can add up since you will have to pay the tech to get the smoke smells out of the home and car; or costs of products to eliminate smells yourself. Dental care is costly for smokers. Loss of interest can also be costly; the extra money smokers spend means that money can't be saved resulting in lost interest.