The Secret To Quitting Smoking

Is There A Secret To Quitting Smoking?

Now you're waiting for the magic and secret solution to quitting smoking right? This is the point where I drop the bombshell on you competely. Folks there is no secret to quitting smoking. Smoking is a choice. We choose to do it. We can choose to give it up. It's a matter of choice. Yes, there are withdrawal symptoms and pangs but quitting smoking is just a choice.

The power that smoking has over you is entirely self-inflicted. We all chose to smoke that first cigarette and the one after that and the next 1,000 after that. Nobody has frog marched us at gunpoint to tobacconists, supermarkets or service stations. Nobody ordered us to smoke one stupid cigarette after another.

Smoking is simply a habit we've all developed over time. It's something we've been introduced to from an early age from seeing our parents, guardians or other "grownups" smoking. We've also been "conned" into smoking through visual and audio media. We see it on TV, at the movies, in magainzes, and hear about it on the radio. Hell, we even see it on sports channels. They advertise smoking, which causes innumerable crippling diseases, on channels which are devoted to the pursuit of mental and physical agility and strength. How sick is that?

Choose To Quit

To quit smoking for good you need to have made the choice to quit yourself and not have been pressurized into it by somebody else. Until you choose to quit smoking all the patches, pills and doctors in the in world won't be able to make you stop smoking. Without this choice all other efforts are wasted.